10 June, 2004

Home, Away

...standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona/such a fine sight to see....

"We'll have to be careful with the fire. They put hay down."

Exaggerated rolling of eyes: "Greeeaaaaat. What'd they go and do THAT for?"

Vindication of my position that these people are idiots. Coming from my nine year old. Bless his heart.

I created monsters. Literally. A story I wrote two years ago to amuse myself wound up amusing the children so much they spent yesterday evening play-acting the parts from the story. Of course, I had to play mine, also. Ogre, Troll and Banshee. That's my family, yes it is. Me? I'm the beautiful princess, chained to the stove, of course. No, I gave myself the part of Harpy. Probably accurate.

I head out to the Big Easy this morning. I'll be there by lunchtime. Requests for prezzies from Crescent City? Send me a g-mail, I'll see what I can do.

While I'm gone, see how many things you can finish on my To Do List.

Oh, did I toss down a challenge?

Was that me?

(Innocent look.)

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