16 June, 2004

Wednesday Bits

...no sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it's dark....

Wednesday again; time for some links.

First, apologies to Winona Ryder, whom I not only misspelled, but confused with Kate Winslet. Whoops.

Right now I'm reading a wonderful book, The Tokaido Road, by Lucia St. Clair Robson, who is a fascinating human as well as a wonderful author.

Continuing this ethnic vein, see Sachi-san's entry on creating a traditional soup of leftover rice (you know you have some). Hurry, before she posts again.

Local regulars:

The Political Animal is much nicer than he appears in print. A bonus for those privileged to know him.

Hanging out with the creator of Lulu Eightball for part of a liquor-soaked evening was fun, though I doubt she'd remember me.

The Pain- When Will It End? is emblematic for me. Well, the title. Rough month, this is.

And if you want the entirety of a we're-so-down-with-our-badass-hip-selves, edgier-than-thou alternative weekly, by all means, go visit the rest of CityPaper.


Later today, I take Pogo, my sweet natured, beautiful Golden Retriever, first dog that was "mine", born into my hands seventeen and a half years ago, to the vet, for a good clean kill.

Expressions of sympathy are appropriate, and appreciated.

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