21 June, 2004

Three Chords

...Sheena is a punk rocker sheena is a punk rocker sheena is a punk rocker now....

Scratch Encino Man, Yankee Doodle Dandy and To Wong Fu from my list, and replace them with Powder, Cat People and Nightfall. I think you'll understand why.

I play a CD recently aquired from Reptilian Records (thanks, Tony!)by The Horrors, who remind me in a good way of The Violent Femmes and The Ramones. Showing my age again, yep.

(The days are gorgeous, the children amusing and Hawk attentive. I give up, and he suddenly can't get enough. Perverse creatures, humans. Shocked him, perhaps, that I had both fun and misery in New Orleans- solo.)

During my visit with Grandmother, a group of Suzuki students comes out to entertain the elder folk. Three violinists under the age of five provide the requisite nauseatingly cute factor. In honor of a none-too-speedy burial, we endure a singalong.

Amazing Grace sung by off-key seniors accompanied by students of violin is akin to a field of untuned bagpipes being attacked by a cat in heat.

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