22 June, 2004

Hot Pink!

"...What you write and how you write it makes me feel that I wish I had been walking by your side, or that I actually had...." -Quasi

Many thanks to those who sent expressions of condolence. Comfort came from Virginia, Canada, New Orleans, Sweeden, England, Indiana and Australia, as well as closer to home, mostly from the Tribe. Other messages also appreciated.


He drops my Hooker Barbie shoe on the dashboard, comments that it is at odds with the carseat in the back. Juxtaposition, my favorite.
Ellen is chatty, if not coherent, and offhandedly tosses out an important informational tidbit. The Animal engages in a stunningly pointless discussion of current politics. I mention dinosaurs and excuse myself to the ladies'.
He tolerates one excruciatingly challenge-free game of pool- I knock off a good shot or two, deluding myself that there's improvement- before subjecting me to the torture of repartee. Pardon me, brainy friends: have you not figured out that I am primarily decorative?
I take the new pink platform heels out for a test walk, knowing they will likely not be permitted out of the bedroom in future.
My purchases threaten to exceed my suitcase. I didn't pack enough suitcase in my suitcase. What does it say about me that I return with books and coffee, shoes and perfume?

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