24 June, 2004

Seduce Me

...you let me say all those things (those dirty things) that would be better unsaid....

I purchase a litre of water based solely on the appeal of the packaging. What else do I have to go on? I like water. Sea water, well water, tap water. Just not that picky. About water.


"I figure out what a woman wants in a man. Then I become that man."

Yes, but can you keep it up? thought not.


I: "She's something."

He: "Yeah, she's something."

And blushes. Goddamn, he's cute.


He stands behind her, palming her forehead,long fingers wrapped round her tiny wrist, stretching her arm out, tilting her head so her neck is exposed. Baring his teeth, opening that beautiful mouth, he descends, slowly, slowly. Does a tiny squeal emerge from the back of her throat? No, it's me. Descend, descend...contact. A gasp. I turn away, back again at the sound of his voice.

"Look! Goosebumps!"

That ain't all, pal. Excuse me, I have to change my panties...

(White satin high cut thong, matching underwire bra.)

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