14 July, 2005

Tea Rules

...if you're going to do it, do it right....

1. All liquid poured from the teapot, whether cocoa, lemonade, plain water, or in fact tea, must be referred to as 'tea'.

2. Foods served must be attractively arrayed on a serving plate and served individually onto small individual plates.

3. Hats must be worn. If young gentlemen are present, they too must wear hats. Tiaras are also appropriate for either gender.

4. Second best china is recommended, though stoneware or everyday glass is permitted. Plastic is frowned upon, and paper is by no means to be considered.

5. Participants must address one another in 'fawncy' voices. Extravagent complimenting of outfits, surroundings and repast are appropriate. Criticism and sniping will not be tolerated.

6. Monacles, fingerless gloves and boa scarves are optional. It is acceptable to act as though you are wearing them.

7. Frequent lip dabbing with cloth napkins is encouraged, though pinkie extention is entirely discretionary.

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