06 July, 2005

Higher Stakes

...you have to kiss me!....

The ante has just been upped. Amidst the roses and the serenading -the Birthday Dirge! finally!- the annual manicure/pedicure combination and the two-AM-omelettes, there was a most unexpected gift. It came in its own pseudo-leather case, has pieces that fit together and is shiny and smooth in my hands. The strap to the case goes crosswise across my chest, making me look either like Robin Hood or Xena, Warrior Princess. (I think I prefer Xena.) It came complete with a supply of chalk, brushes, polishing cloths, and a spare clip of ammo. No, kidding, it's not a weapon, it's an implement of recreation.

Yes, now that Primarily Decorative has her VERY OWN POOL CUE, I really must learn to shoot a decent (read: not embarassing) game of pool. Otherwise I'll look like a poseur, and I can't think of anything I'd rather not be.

Actually, pool was simply an activity to accompany beer, because I'm wiggly.

The ante has been upped.

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