14 July, 2005

Weird World

...it's a mystery!....

The world is so surreal, I wonder if it actually exists.

A woman stops her car in front of my house, opens the driver's door and reaches into the street for something. She puts it in her car. It's my recycle bin. Empty. She closes the door and drives away.

Downstairs, I hear YoungEv talking: "Tell me..a...joke. Tell me...a...JOKE. Tellmeajoke! Tell...me...a...joke."

Tinny voice: (something...sounds like mwap mwap mwap)

Young Ev: "Who is there? Who...is...there? Whoisthere? WHO'S THERE?"

My daughter demands a professional pedicure for her birthday. She's seven. Gee-zus, when I was seven, I didn't even know what a pedicure WAS. Primarily Decorative takes Baby Diva for her birthday pedicure.

We drive to the theatre for the party/movie. Our party is not there. We're at the wrong theatre. We can't figure out where the right one is. We wind up back at the wrong theatre. We go inside for directions to the right theatre. They give us some. We're only an hour late.

I clean out my fridge. There are beers hidden in the back. Why'd I do that?

That's just...stupid.

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