07 July, 2005

Sand Castle

...walkin' in the sand/ (Remember) walkin' hand in hand.....

Answer to Question Number Two, as posed by Robert.

The last time I built a sand castle? Probably last year, but as recently as last month, I built a sand tea party, complete with teapot, cups, plates and food, at a nearby bayside beach. I often build, instead of castles, sand mermaids with flowing hair and furling tails. I imagine when the waves wash over her, she's going home. You can't say that of a sand castle. But my next sand castle?

North Wildwood, New Jersey.

I mean, okay, Aruba, and fine, Nassau, and sure, Mexico...but I've never been to any of those places. I already know I like North Wildwood, New Jersey.

While I love Ocean City, Maryland very much, it must be conceded that the beach is very straight and very flat. In North Wildwood, there are curlicues and fiddly bits and tidal pools. Plus, the town is kitschy, so much so that there is a tour of the 'Do-Wop' architecture from the 'fifties.

That's where I'd build my sandcastle. Without assistance from my family, because they need to build their own castles, and leave mine alone.


(Remember (Walkin' In The Sand); The Shangri-Las)

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