26 March, 2004

can't stop the spirit when it needs you
this life is more than just a read-thru
(the red hot chili peppers)

Have I abused or neglected my body to make it revolt, work against me? Many tasks to do today- and I feel like doing nothing at all, not even crawling back into bed.

Miserable night, the best bit being a dream about reenactors doing Lord of The Rings shit in chain mail and velvet gowns, using long sentences to frame short ideas, combined with a lunch trip with my mother and grandmother, in which we argued because I insisted on overtipping.

NOT the sort of transcendant, angel visitation type dream I prefer, but this is what fevered delusion gets me.

Okay, so that's enough whining.

Today is Opening Night of Closing Weekend. Rumor has it that Critics and Money are dropping by to see the show, and nothing could make me happier but that they had arrived LAST weekend, in order to pump sales and audience size for this weekend. Of course, I have no specifics, but my plan is to be at my most charming, just in case. That will challenge my acting skills a bit.

Today is That Girl's birthday, and there are plans...which, depending, I may or may not be included in, if you'll pardon the preposition. But it sounds like fun, and I wonder how much trouble I'll get in. She leads me astray, she does.

I lie on the waterbed, nearly naked. He strokes me, waist, hip, thigh and back again, absently, like one would a cat, and tells me of the girls he and Billy used to pick up in Ocean City when they were randy young bucks.

I struggle not to smile at the irony. Non sequiter:

"I think I can't love them any more, " he says, "then suddenly I do."

Yeah. Kids are like that.

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