16 March, 2004


...when you're from HalloweenTown, a shrunken head IS a good gift.

And if I have been playing the role of The Dog, so what?

It's temporary.

And if The Dog has been kicked, so what?

All injuries will heal.

And if I refuse to turn and fight, turn and bite, so what?

I prefer to not be vicious.

And if running is alien to my nature, so what?

It is still an option.

I'll watch me awhile, waiting to see what I'll do.

The day dawns grey and gloomy, chill and damp, a match to my mood. The smacking spatter of sleet and freezing rain forms enough of an Extenuating Circumstance to drive me from Naked Season clothes into fuzzy sweater and boots...again.

Was I premature, declaring Winter over?

I've often tried to make myself enjoy damp and bitter weather. So far, I've not yet been successful. Still trying, though.

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