02 March, 2004

Excuse me?

Once again, the world changes....

"NO, I'm not coming in. You're practically naked in there, with your little bits of silk and satin."


"Am I interrupting? I can go."


"Come cuddle with me. I'll brush your hair."


Not a generation gap, but a gorge of massive proportions. Pat and I on one side, the youngsters on the other.


"No, the next time I want to hear that song is NEVER."


"You guys are crazy! Stairway To Heaven ROCKS!"


I eye Dan speculatively. "Am I being propositioned?"

"I think so. And not badly, until the "desparate times, desparate measures" part. That kinda spoiled it."


"Cybbie, I think we should be lovers."

"Okay. Who with?"

"Each other! Silly."


"I think of my body as a mango. Ripe, lush, juicy. And nobody expects or wants a skinny mango."

"Yeah. They're supposed to be curvy."

"And what fruit are you?"

"I'm a strawberry."

Oh, yes. Dipped in cream.

Still, she slept in the guest bed. This time.

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