18 March, 2004


can't stop the spirit when it needs you
this life is more than just a read-thru
(the red hot chili peppers)

I need him, think of him, and he calls. The Apostle, right there on my cellphone. We chat of children, of change. He mentors my son in metaphysics. I warn him of his second, as yet unconceived child, as K., his happy happy first is no preparation.

I know what he means to me; what do I mean to him? I wonder.

Wonder. My sister, who reads me sometimes, wonders how well she knows me.

I wonder, too.

I think he hopes that I will say what he's thinking, to confirm that it's true, or right.

Yes. Buy it, if you can. Go ahead signal, loud and clear.

I ask if he got what he needed.

"I always do."

Yeah, me too.

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