22 March, 2004

Miss Me?

can't stop the spirit when it needs you
this life is more than just a read-thru
(the red hot chili peppers)

Yeah, I miss me, too. Who are you when you're not yourself? I haven't been myself for the last month, or if I have, only in fits and spurts. Mostly, I've been this strung-out, wired, tense, cranky, unhappy creature, so jagged and ready to shatter that even I didn't care for my company...and yet, I didn't want to be alone (with my thoughts) either. Fortunately, I have tolerant friends who put up with me when I am someone else.

Opening night went well. The Saturday show looked good. Sunday was quiet. At intermission, I reassured the cast that the audience WAS enjoying them, just quietly. There was nothing wrong with the show. Well...maybe there was, but it was my fault, not the fault of the actors. Saturday I watched the show, and Sunday I watched the audience watching the show, for clues to what works and what doesn't. Though with a Sunday matinee crowd, it's much harder to get an accurate read, since they are a bit weird.

I had hoped for larger audiences, especially with the cable TV ad that's running, but maybe word of mouth will create a buzz that will pack the house this coming weekend. Fingers crossed.

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