17 March, 2004


...when you're from HalloweenTown, a shrunken head IS a good gift.

I say to S., "And the guy who built our sets, Adam, he's not only really talented and creative, he's incredibly beautiful."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," he says with a hint of a sneer.

"Okay, maybe I only THINK he's beautiful, because I love him so."

"That's sweet."

I turn to BuddahPat for confirmation of Adam's objective beauty.

"No, he really is beautiful."

Thank you, Pat.

"Who's beautiful?" P wants to know.

"We were just discussing whether Adam is beautiful," explains S., "and Cybele says he is."

"Pfah, Cybbie thinks everyone is beautiful," says P, waving a dismissive hand.

"Well, what we were saying is that a person becomes beautiful when you love them," S continues.

"That's what I said, Cybbie thinks everyone is beautiful."

Hey, I think this guy is starting to get me.

Took long enough.

I make a drive this morning that was lovely enough to force me into a fit of poetry. Up at three am, after a midnight thirty or later bedtime, home at seven, three hour nap until ten...I should be good until closing time at one of the pubs.

That Girl, who thought I would be driving at midnight, calls to see if I wanted phone company on the way home. I miss the call, but appreciate the sentiment. She's something, she is.

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