03 May, 2006

Cheese sandwich?

...freedom and security/ militant enforcement of democracy....

The Pyrate sings softly to me.

"Gee, it's almost as though you were paying attention when you wrote those lyrics," quips The Animal.

Oh, sure. That NEVER happens.

I am surrounded by 'Gaties, former cast members of Watergate! the Musical, who happen to be some of my favorite humans ever. Maureen Dean is here, Nixon, Villo Gonzales, Coco, who was the director, Tony "Tony Who?" Ulacewicz and G. Gordon Liddy.

I love these voices and faces, and the familiar warmth that makes a two-hour wait before a show not just bearable but nearly pleasant.

BuddahPat was my driving companion on the way here.

"We might get caught in the traffic backup ahead," he warns, after a heads-up call from Coco.

'S'okay. We've got plenty of time, each other for company, and if it could be a better day for a ride in a convertible, I'm not sure how.

"What you say is true. There are many possible miseries, of which we have none."

The murder goes well, the audience is happy, we are praised and beered afterwards. I don't make it home until midnight, but life is good.

Something snarky tomorrow, I promise.

(Goodbye, Mrs. Liddy; Pomeroy&Brown, from Watergate! the Musical)

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