07 May, 2006

Tomorrow, figuratively.

...Smoke was rollin' outta the back/ When I started to gain on that Cadillac/ I knew I could catch him and hoped I could pass....

Okay, Mister Gold Jag-u-wahr Convertible, just pull around me in traffic and cut me off, mm-hmmm, thass right, because you spent umptybillion dollars on your car, that gives you the right to drive like a jerk. Your ride's shweet and mine's a beater, guess what- - you're an asshole, and you're OLD.

And even if you were young, I'd still be better-looking.


(Hot Rod Lincoln; Charlie Ryan)

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The Retropolitan said...

I had a dream last night, wherein CrushWorld was some sort of college town store. Pretty weird, huh?

I gotta cut back on the drugs before I go to sleep.