16 May, 2006

Laugh, Goddamnit.

....if there's a smile on my face/ It's only there trying to fool the public...

Darwin vs the Bible? No, this is the Evolution Of Dance. Wonder how many of those moves I can do on stilts.

Not your brothers, not my brothers. No, says Fuzzy, they're Mark's brothers.

(With a big thank you to Patrick Cashin for sharing these clips.)

A surprise: since nobody's ever heard of I'll Say She Is, check it out. Of course, these days, who's heard of Chevalier? But look, Harpo's doing the move that my family always referred to as 'giving a leg', and when I went forth into the world, no one knew what the hell that meant. Idiots.

You've gotta love a site with the disclaimer "some material may offend".

The weather has returned to Pure Evil, but I am stubborn and refuse to put on socks. Thus, I am saddled with a sore throat and a severe case of the grouchies. This situation is only very slightly alleviated by my Fluffy shouting, at random intervals, "Fewer soup! DVDs with an apostrophe!* TWELVE ITEMS OR LESS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Oh, yes, very funny.

(Tears of a Clown; Smokey Robinson and the Miracles)

*And the goddam spellchecker wanted to replace my "DVDs" with "DVD's". Just kill me now.


Inanna said...

Sore throat and grouchies... hmmmm... nasty!

The Retropolitan said...


Makes me want to punch every internet bulletin board.

Cybele said...

Nan- thanks for the sympathy.

Retro- glad someone shares my rage. It's the only thing that gets me really worked up.

Paul said...

Just as long as your fire act doesn't include this...