19 May, 2006

You Asked

...now I'm dead, now I'm dead, now I'm dead....

In deference to those who occasionally e-mail me wanting to know when I will next appear, and as what, I post this. I am not, by nature, particularly self-promotional, as my writer friends will testify.

I'll perform as a gunslinging gal on Saturday evening in a show Hawk wrote, Murder At The Oh! No! Corral, presented in the Studio Theatre of the Chesapeake Arts Center. Showtime is 8 PM.

Sunday, at our new dinner-inclusive murder mystery venue, Whispers, you can see me as ultra-chipper Dana Friendly, in Death Warmed Over. Buffet starts at 5 PM, show at 6 PM.

For those who are interested in a more Renaissance venue, some of my friends will be at the opening weekend of the Virginia Renaissance Festival, or VARF.

I recently was in a room with a bunch of boaty Annapolitans, i.e.; people from Annapolis, MD who own boats. It's not that they weren't friendly; they were. They were very, very nice. I felt kind of out of place, though, as I had little to contribute to the redecorating/stockmarket/private school/sailing conversations they were having.

It occurred to me that someone very much at home with a gang of freaks who comfortably murder one another for the dining entertainment of others will by definition probably not be at ease elsewhere.

(God's Comic; Elvis Costello)

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