14 May, 2004

Exit, Reluctant

....you know that you're with me wherever I go/to the ends of the earth and all points between, high and low...

Powered by long legs and irritation, Steven strides far ahead in the airport. He turns in time to catch me stepping from my clogs.

"Well, if you'd wear SENSIBLE shoes..."

"I don't OWN sensible shoes! It's part of my charm," I snap.

A passing couple is amused.


Up, up, up: the clouds turn to sea, dappled grey rippling, topped with fluffy foam.


Pittsburgh spreads itself beneath me, a glittering smear of jeweled splendour. Eyes flash open, and below, there is suddenly nothing to see. But above, ah! The sky is a black bowl with the shine of Heaven pricking through.


You've been light for me, and lifeline. How could I not love you, and miss you already?


Another extended airport wait for someone I am anxious to see, and then I am enfolded in the safest embrace of all.

Welcome home, yes indeed.

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