22 May, 2004

Three Moments, Including Now

...they'll hurt me bad but I don't care/they'll hurt me bad/they do it all the time, yeah yeah....


The question was never "if" he would hurt me, but when, and in what form.


Song of cicadas loud in my ears.

"Would you sleep with my husband? Please?"

The questions my friends think to ask me. I search her for signs of laughter, desperately sorting through possible answers.

"I, uh... I don't think that would make any of us happy."


I am kind of enjoying my teensy white underthings today, particularly the T-shirt I borrowed from Fluffy, having no white shirts of my own. It is just barely sufficient to not get me arrested.

Unless I sweat, at which point incarceration becomes inevitable.

Be gentle with me, Officer.

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