19 May, 2004

Work It Out, Shake It Off

....they say don't be surprised at someone's lies/ they think they taunt you...

Hair forms satin curtain around shoulders, rain licks at skin. Warm wet invites barefoot on the pavement. Wet grass mixes with exhaust and engine oil. Flash quick line of color on black velvet sky. Thunder rolls around; I think of two friends, Rainman, who loves thunderstorms, and Nature Boy, who hates them. I and the thunder are one. I and the rain are one. I and the rain and the thunder and the grass and all the world all around are one.

Shimmering through slickend city streets, I pull into RockStar parking, which is less prestigious on the way out, requiring careful backing to exit the narrow alleyway. Semi-star parking, then. Next time, I'll walk.

I laugh til I'm hoarse, tickled to pieces to be out having beer and nachos, shirking an unwanted responsibility. The surroundings are loud and dingy and remind me of Hammerjacks back when Hammerjacks was Hammerjacks. (Some of you will know what I mean.)I expect to hear Crack the Sky or Bootcamp -(quick aside, wonder whatever happened to Vienne, who used to date Tim Camp, before she married Don, that is; pardon the digression)- any moment now. Big Hair bands, can't beat 'em.


"Take it off."

An imperious look. "I will, when I'm ready."

Ooooh, impresive display.

"No, I want to show you something."

"Ouch. That looks painful."

"That's what I'm telling you- don't hurt me."

He likes it when I beg.


It's Wednesday, time for your CityPaper fix.

Here is your requisitePolitical Editorial, by my favorite Animal

Go see Rob for insight, or at least amusing writing. I personally get as much out of the other Horoscope readings as I do "mine".

Someone seems to be experiencing technical difficulties with his website, and it's of course the worst sort of abysmal timing for that particular problem, which kind of makes it inevitable. So, no Pain today, but for your Comic fix, something that speaks to me...and something wildly colorful.

Update: Tiny pink thong under jeans gone a bit snug despite their "stretch" designation.

I KNEW I was getting all pudgy and corn-fed in Indiana.

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