06 May, 2004

Red and Blue

...sometimes I wish that I could STOP you from talking when I hear the silly things that you say....

She doesn't answer. And who else am I to call at eleven PM when I'm low? That Girl needs to hurry up and graduate so she can come relieve my lonely nights. It's going to be another prowler, I can tell.


"I'd rather have coffee than breakfast," he says.

It's startling that he speaks thoughts straight from my head, complete with phrasing and intonation. Not the first time, nor the last, I suspect.

"How are you?" he asks. Which is extremely nice, considering.

(It was the wrist slashing ledge jumping point of heartbreak line, wasn't it? That was figurative. Well, mostly.)

How am I?

Uneasy. Awkward. Tentative

All unfamiliar territorry.

This should be entertaining.

At least.


The weather threatened to be less than gorgeous but at the last relented, consenting to be Nearly Perfect. Alaina asks to stay out while I cook. "I want to feel the beawtiful weather," she says, tipping her face towards the sun, arms spread wide.

Go, little goddess. Be embraced by the goodness of the Universe.


The red underthings, sadly, do more to boost my bustline than my spirits.

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