29 May, 2004

Four Mysteries

...it's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bacon...mmmmmmm....

They've called for my blood again, three days running.

I feel such guilt, and yet, since the upping of iron standards, I don't usually make the cut. It's excruciating to go in, answer personal questions (no...no....no...not to my knowledge...no...yes, once, but I didn't like it...no....no....) get pricked and squeezed (careful how you order those)and be turned away, for those pesky two or three points I am below minimum.

I wish I had the blood of any one of my fainter acquaintances, the ones who have needle issues, since I have none, because willingness and suitability in different bodies seems patently unfair.


Belle writes, ostensibly to her e-mailers, a post that seems curiously timed and responds to my unsubtle critiques. Does she target me? It seems unlikely that the great and powerful Belle would be reading me, the small and humble.

On the other hand, since she's not shagging for love nor money, what the hell else does she have to do?


We approach the home of our friends.

"Can I get out and run?"

Sure, why not?

She gets a head start, feet flying, hair billowing around her head, arms pumping wildly. I tap the accelerator, pull alongside. Her face! Her face! Wild with exhilaration, excitement, triumph, pure joy. Pouring off her in great waves, that glow of glee. Do you remember? DO YOU? Heart thumping, racing against nothing, running for the sake of running, til you reach the fence, the tree, the front porch steps, hot pink and out of breath, gasping, wheezing, and ready to do it again five minutes from now.

("When is the last time YOU ran like that?" the Apostle asks me. Before October 10th. July, I think. Someone I loved running with me. But the next time? Next time I'm on the beach, with sand beneath naked soles, running, running, running, like my daughter runs, to catch up with naked soul.)



"I dunno, what's the weather like?"
"Well, it will be cold in the theater, so pants, I guess. If you want."


"Red or black?"


(Discard Option 1)

"Long or short?"


(Discard Option 2)

"Sleeves or sleeveless?"


(Discard Option 3)

Shoes, naturally, had already been discussed.

Leaving me now only to select jewelry and undergarments.

If I bother.

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