05 May, 2004

Sunny On The Outside

...will you stand by me against the cold night/or are you afraid of the ice...

The stark silver eye of moon gazed at me from shimmery darkness last night. I wondered if anyone far from my side but close to my heart was standing under the moon with me.


"So, would you ever cheat on him?"

"I don't think so."

"You don't THINK so? What the hell does THAT mean?"

"Well, what's he been doing? How drunk am I? Is Sean Connery in the room?"


It's Wednesday again, in case anyone's counting. Go visit my friends at CityPaper.

Here's your astrology link.

Here's your brainy-socio-political-topical punditry link.

And here's your hysterically funny and possibly way over your head comic link.

(Actually, only two of them are my friends. But I imagine Rob Brezsny would like to be, if he knew about me.)

Can I mention Tim's book again, or is that overkill?

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