08 August, 2006

Assorted Madness

...there she goes again!/ she's tidied up, and I can't find anything!/ all my tubes and wires/ and careful notes/ and antiquated notions....

I have mixed feelings about a project like this, yet will admit that making a palm-tree shaped island certainly maximizes waterfront property potential. But.


See if you can spot the misteake I'm looking at in this phoeto capetion. If not, your not the reeders I thunk you was.

From the architecture department: you may think this house, the Pearlroth House, is odd-looking, but it's nothing to this precariously balanced house. Who designs a house like that? Who builds it? Why? It's not like the mountain, because it was there, because it wasn't. Somebody had to think of this weirdness.

Aahh, weirdness; it turns out I know one of the guys of Mentos and Diet Coke Experiment fame- Fritz Grobe, whom I met at MotionFest a bunch of years ago. And now there is a dedicated website, EepyBird.com. You can also listen to the NPR interview. Booyah! There may be something to this Mad Scientist thing after all.

(She Blinded Me With Science; Thomas Dolby)


Silliyak said...

Let he (or she) who hath not typo'ed cast the first...there is a joke here somewhere involving type casting, but I can't find it.

Anyway, I set a personal record typing "commnet" about 10 times and having to correct (or corrcet) it. Digital dyslexia!

Totsie said...

Oh my God, I am guilty of being a costumer every day! My family will be so ashamed.

Ugh, I love that song so much. SCIENCE!

Cybele said...

Silliyak, you'd think that Yahoo! news could afford a good editor or two. And I know of one who's looking for work. Anyway, welcome to the Blogosphere and especially to CrushWorld! Loved your kitty pix!

Tot, I know, I just can't get enough of eighties music. And now I've got the kids liking it, too, when they should be listening to Green Day, or... or... or whoever kids today are listening to. I mean, Smashing Pumpkins is retro alreaday, huh? It's embarassing, but can't keep up. It's like paddling a kayak.