24 August, 2006

Gooooood Morning!

...it's daybreak, if you'll only believe/ And let it shine, shine, shine/ All around the world....

Brrrrrrrrrring. Brrrrrrrrrring. Brrrrrrrrrrrring. Brrrrrrrr-

Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey!

"You're cute. You know what they say in the military?"

No idea. And I guess what I should have said was, Risey, shiney, hands off gynie!

"Hah! I love it. What they say in the military is Drop your cocks and put on your socks."

Wouldn't know. Never been in the military, don't have a cock of my own.

"I know, right? But I like risey shiney hands off gynie."

Well, it's probably less applicable women, because I think in general we're pretty secure that we can sleep without our parts going wandering off to have their own adventures without us.

"I love getting a wakeup call from you."

(Daybreak; Barry Manilow)

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