17 August, 2006

Stupid, Scary.

"...Oh, crap; I lied to myself." --Fuzzy

This piece of nonsense, (which may not be considered Safe For Work),Warp Factor Love, comes to you courtesy of WilWheatonInExile. He blames his stepson Ryan. Yeah, I blame my kids for the stupid stuff, too.

Francesca, that mazboot Mama of Frankie Can't Relax, shows us this Not Safe For Work horror show. The scariest bit is, I'm pretty sure I know a few people who would consider having this done. Gee, it sure is colorful.

So the kids and I are checking out the colorful Simpsons episode when Lisa turns vegetarian, with Paul and Linda McCartney as guest voices. The original air date was October of 1995, and that was the 7th season of the Simpsons. Scary that Paul should be widowed, married and divorced, and this crazy cartoon show is still running.

Life imitating cartoons is stupid: see this Wolverine wanna-be. Modification? Please. From BoingBoing.

Also scary: This Sunday, I will appear with Do Or Die Productions in One Of The Gang at Fabulous Whispers. I'll be wearing a black slip and black shoes. At least. The stupid part? Audiences have been enjoying this cliche-infested show for as long as I can remember, and it's still a favorite.

Next Friday, August 25th,I am to be Featured Poet at Ahh, Coffee in Edgewater. The event starts at 6:30PM, and is supposed to run til 8:30, but everyone had such a good time last time that the owner kept us on until 9. Cliff and Rocky will Emcee, and Rocky will bring his new drum, which I will stroke for mojo-- mine or its, I'm not sure. Rocky, Cliff and I hope to read our triptych poem, Rocky's Blood Writes, Cliff's This Poem Is A Zombie, and my Dr. Frankenpoet.

The next day, of course, the long-awaited Maryland Renaissance Festival opens for its Thirtieth Season, with lots of yummy surprises, including the Mediaeval Baebes. Scroll down this page to see Out of the Box's schedule (that's us), and we espcially invite you to bring your food to lunch with us. Remember, we're being paid to not talk, but we love hearing your voices. This is the first year we're hosting a meal, and it will be sad if no one joins us.

Do identify yourself if you come see me, by wearing a red carnation and a beret.

I, naturally, will be naked.

Under whatever I'm wearing, I'm always naked.


Aimee said...

You fascinate me.

Cybele said...

Um, thanks, Aimee... I THINK that's a good thing. If it's not, though, here's me, putting on my Stalker Protective Hat, made not of tinfoil but of styrafoam egg cartons. (Works real good- you should try it!)

Aimee said...


I meant it as a good thing. It was late, so I was scarce with my words.

I see from your archive dates you've been around for a long time, but I've only seen you recently at some common places. So, um, Hi! Welcome to my existance! (God that sounds pretentious-- :lol: )