04 August, 2006

Can't Sleep

....Which way will things go tonight/Toss and turn or sleep tight...

Can't blog, either. I got nothin'.

(You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep); The GoGos)


Paul said...

Makes me think of "Clerks II":

Dante Hicks: [after Jay says an annoying comment while they're in jail] Oh my God, can you ever say any thing useful?
Jay: [to Silent Bob] There's your cue man.
Silent Bob: [takes long pause] I got nothing, man.
Jay: My God you're so fuckin' useless.
Silent Bob: You know, that really hurts.

Steve said...


Inanna said...

High power A/C. I can't sleep when it's hot!

Steve said...

So how can you tell if a person is an agnostic, dyslectic insomniac?

If they lie awake all night wondering if there IS a doG