15 August, 2006

Flying Leap

...got to roll with the punches and get to what's real....

That Girl has just sent me photographs.

"I finally did it!" she squeals in an e-mail. Really? What has she been wanting to do that this 'finally' is an operative word?

She painted a Mimi-pink jump-suit on her body and leaped from a fully functional airplane, naked but for the man strapped to her back.

I would never do this, no. I'd be too wussy and chicken to jump naked from a plane.

I would have to wear boots.

(Jump; Van Halen)


Paul said...

Then there is the fact that at those speeds the wind does some rather uncomfortable (not to mention unflattering) things to soft tissue.

Look for yourself: http://www.bareboating.com/photo/skydivingnude.jpg

Cybele said...

Some people will permit photos of themselves in just ANY condition, won't they, Paul?

Paul said...

Actually, that seems to be some sort of club. That was just the first picture that popped up on a quick Google image search. There are pleny of others out there, as well as videos.

I dunno, it looks rather painful to me...