29 August, 2006

Unrequested Gibberish

....Sabba sibby sabba; Nooby abba nabba/ Le le lo lo......

Do not phone me with your accent dripping with Jamaica, or Sri Lanka, or China, and then be offended when I ask you to repeat yourself because I don't understand you.

Don't assault my ears and my limited brain capacity, then smack me with your impatient and condescending attitude. Just don't even. You called ME, remember?

Plus, you're a telemarketer, remember?

Not so high up on the food chain, I think.

(Good Morning, Starshine; 5th Dimension)


Inanna said...

I would say... bottom dweller, not even on the food chain...

Michael said...

I hate 'em, but in Bangalore, they're considered among the elite.

Cybele said...

Nan, I dunno- the guy under the bridge with the poorly spelled sign and his hand out- now THERE's a bottom dweller.

Mike, I believe it. Sad, huh?

Worse than the telemarketers, though, are the customer service reps employed by my car insurance company, or my cellphone service, or anybody I have to call and get help from....because I can't hang up on them.