10 January, 2004

Acrobatics of the Heart

Once again, the world changes....

My higher power says "get used to it." My higher power is trusting me to learn to be independant. I am resistant. There is a reason for this painful, ongoing lesson. I don't know what it is, and frankly I don't care, and wonder if I'm strong enough to learn it.

I'm just tired of spending such a huge portion of my life in tears.

Well. I was up at five, with the This Book Will Change Your Life specified task of "do something before breakfast." Does a load of laundry count? Probably, though it's less romantic than "watch the sun rise," which was one of the suggested activities, along with "milk a cow," "go for a five mile run" and "have sleepy sex." To be fair, I probably will watch the sun rise, while I'm engaging in another suggested activity, "check out what's on TV at this hour."

Nothing like being an overachiever.

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