04 January, 2004

Summation of the Day

Once again, the world changes....

Recipe for improved attitude:

1 girlfriend
1 bottle wine, not too expensive
1 book
4 websites, limit of 1 porn
several assorted men, various relationships, as topics of discussion
1 impending cool project
2 or more slices chocolate cake
3 silly e-mails, sent without censoring

Mix enthusiastically, follow with restful sleep.


I arrive at Watergate! audition/rehearsal much improved from yesterday, and, though when I run my tongue around the inside of my mouth, I can still taste lingering hurt, bitterness and resentment, the sweet flavor of joy and accomplishment is satisfying indeed.

Task for today/yesterday, 3 January, is to throw away something I like. There's a tough one, but I was up for it. Wonder how Jonas is doing?

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