26 January, 2004

Third Haldeman

Once again, the world changes....

My second Haldeman lasted one rehearsal. He blew me away with his Goth-Matrix-Malcom inspired monochrome black beauty, and had the audacity to resemble a dear friend of mine whom I hold in high regard, only moreso...and never showed up again.

He'd gotten a better offer.

My first Haldeman did not make it to the first rehearsal, just before the first one finally managing to spit out a straight "no"- an improvement upon the previous monthlong infernal verbal waffling, which, in his mind perhaps MEANT no, but I'm the sort of person who needs to hear NO to believe it.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He is, after all, a lawyer.

My third Haldeman has been at one rehearsal. I hope he lasts.

While not at all the physical type I was looking for (CJ says, physical type? physical type? how about BREATHING?), this actor seems not only enthusiastic and motivated, he's worked with a lot of these folk before and would be unlikely to want to lose face.

By all accounts, in addition to being a talented actor with a wonderful voice (which I remember from seeing him perform), this man is also a sweetheart who won't let us down. A good thing. I really can't handle any more disappointments in my life.

But I reserve judgement, and forebear to have hope...probably until Opening Night.

Steve surprised me on Thursday:

"In this meeting, which was about a product I found out JUST TODAY was hypothetical..."

what was it, steve?

"Vaginal microbocide."


(A lengthy explaination followed.)

"Anyway, at this meeting..."


"There was this girl, dead ringer for you, maybe a few years younger..."

hmf. how old do you think I am?

"Okay, she was EXACTLY your age, maybe older, even, and she was wearing this wonderful perfume. It was incredibly distracting."

so did you find out the name of it?

"NO! I'm not gonna walk up to a girl I just met and ask her, 'Excuse me, but what is that fabulous fragrance you're wearing?' I'd be marked as a dirty old man. Or a fag."

(A longish pause follows.)

"I know what it tastes like, though."

okay, so you won't ask her the name of her perfume, but you'll walk up and LICK her?

"Us guys, we have our ways of casually bumping into..."

He had me going for awhile. He really did.

Thinking about it, I really can't imagine Steve casually bumping into anyone. First off, he's too big to do it unobtrusively, and second, he's too graceful to do it at all.

Tease me from a thousand miles away...

Well, it amuses us both.

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