05 January, 2004

Out of Order

Once again, the world changes....

Today's task is to paste an Out of Order sign on something, to see if social disintegration will begin due to the soda machine not working.

Out of Order sign provided.

I can't do it.

Because I am tempted to paste it to me.

How could something that's been so wonderful suddenly turn so dreadful over the course of one day? Why am I so deeply invested? How can I regain my equilibrium? Why can't I distance myself enough to avoid this pain?

Never mind. I've done with whining. It's boring even to me.

My sister turns old today...how old? Hell, I've lost track of my age, can't be bothered with hers. I did make it to her birthday party/open house, so got to lose the guilt over that one. The remodel is fantastic, and I hope she'll "switch lives" with me sometime, though she was so traumatized by her major screwup with losing the dog last time, she probably will never make the offer again.

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