01 January, 2004

Happy New Year!

(A brief aside, though I'm not sure it's an aside if I'm making it before I've actually begun): I checked the Whack Stack, and am at the bottom of Page 6, as of this writing. Makes me think there are a lot of people in the world with very little to do. Sad, don't you think?

Looks like 2003 was my year to discover many things, among them that I can, indeed, have female friends. I've never had so many women in my life, I'm getting high on estrogen, perhaps.

Last night was spent with the people I love best in the world, how lucky could I be? AND I got to dance, for the first time since my injury. Did I overdo it? When do I not?

Favorite quotes from 2003:

"I know you're not okay when you call me 'Mommie'"----- my Mother

"What'd you go and do that for?"---- Scotty

"You gotta let your hair down a little, be less inhibited, hah!"----- Kelly

"I love you, too, Lainey."----- J.

"Nowf winds, bwoah! Souf winds, bwoah! Wightning, stwike!"----- Dan

"I do NOT come home for a quick bang and to do my laundry. I'm usually too tired for a quick bang."----- Hawk

"Hell, grow it to the floor, Cat!"---- McGraw

"Twenty Seven scene changes in the second act! Aaaaaahhhhh!"---- CJ

"How should it go? Sing it for me."---- JB

"I would LOVE to be Liddy."----- Brad

"You're always beautiful."---- Pat

"There is no pain, only sensation."----- Hilby

"Who's under the mistletoe?"----- Garrett

(Cough, couch) "Excuse me?" (banging of phone on desk) "What did you say? No, before that! Ah, that's what I thought you said...."---- Steven

"I can't believe you're really HERE!"---- Lisa

"This is a great gig, man! You can leave your gaff tape RIGHT THERE all day, and no one fuckin' TOUCHES it! Brilliant!" ---- Martin

"I have too much privacy, sometimes. Even from myself. I'm not sure what that means."---- -Luke

"I love your messy buns. It looks like you just got out of bed and are about to go back." ---Ginny

"Sometimes there is no why. Sometimes there is only an is."---- Jose

"I don't have the energy to feel guilty AND cook dinner."---- Me

"BRUNCH!!!"- the Tribe

I spend New Year's Day my favorite way, the parade on in the morning (for the sound of marching bands more than anything else) then an absolute glut of Bowl Games. Gator Bowl is the best, though the score isn't even close. Go Terps! Some bowl game in Orlando is at about five minutes remaining when we tune in, and goes into overtime. Perdue loses to Georgia, but it was an exciting half hour. U of Michigan plays hard but is outclassed by Southern Cal, disappointing, but fun anyway. By the time the Orange Bowl is on, I am ready to see good football when I don't really care about the outcome, just the plays. Unfortunately, I'm wiped, and snooze through most of it, having spent only three restless hours pretending to sleep last night. When I wake, I realize I have no idea which is U Miami and which is Florida State, and that I don't much care. I watch til the end anyway. Had not watched a whole game all season, not even Thanksgiving. The Ravens play the Titans on Saturday, hoping to listen on the radio at least.

Today I decided which of my toes is prettiest. It's the second one on the right foot, for the record. I'm working my way through This Book Will Change Your Life, just for grins. Their guinea pig can be found at the associated website. His name is Jonas.