13 January, 2004

Sudden Beauty

Once again, the world changes....

He hooked me with dark eyes, eyes that refused to look away. I caught myself looking for excuses to speak to him. I had trouble looking anywhere else. With no idea of his age, his conversation, or what sort of ancient wisdom he's tapped into, I cannot fathom why I wanted to watch him.

I was reminded of something M. said, in the hour or so we spent together at a bar. He said, "Did you ever see something so beautiful it hurt to look at? You can't look at it for more than a minute, and you can't not look. So beautiful it hurts." And in the same breath, he claimed he was not coming on to me. So I laughed and ignored him. Now I feel badly, for I understand.

My last words to him were, "Give Mia a hug from me." Mia sent him to me. She did not warn me that he was beautiful.

Mia's husband.

We are all safe.

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