02 January, 2004

Distasteful Task

Once again, the world changes....

I am sanitizing Watergate! the Musical. It pisses me off to do so, but I am under a lot of pressure. It doesn't matter, what the fuck, I can do this. I can disassociate from my product (I refuse to say 'baby', because I am disassociating, goddamnit) enough to rip it to shreds and hand out a cheapened, lackluster version of the thing because the real McCoy might be too offensive in this idiotically PC world.

Done bitching.

Today I am looking at everyone as if they might be the love of my life. Are you the one? Are you? Are you? How about you? Or you?

This was weird to do with all the kids this morning, but I managed, imagining them in twenty years (and me completely static, not aging at all.)

I had screwed up my template accidentally, fixed it blindly, then screwed it up again. Think one of the links I was trying to include was clogging up the works. But I think it's fixed now. Kind of satisfying to have done it myself.

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