15 January, 2004


Once again, the world changes....

I e-mail Steve from the library, because I think he might like to know- he called me just as I was rushing out the door- and I got this response:

congratulations! (beat - beat - beat)

poetry (beat - beat)

babe (beat)

shimmer, glimmer and glow.



If anyone's ever written poetry for me before, I didn't know about it.

I have a lot to say about yesterday, and should have done it last night, but I was up watching the snow fall, and even though it stopped around two, I snoozed restless on the sofa until six. But I got a really restfull hour and a half between six and seven thirty. Which, honestly, I prefer to the fitful nights I've been having. And I'm out the door in twenty, so no time just now.


Catching up on Change Your Life:

Yesterday, day 14, was Compliment Someone day. So I did that, and was delighted by the delight I provoked. Random strangers like it when you notice their hair or jewelry. I stuck to complimenting women, feeling that would be safer.

Day 13, write a letter to a mass murderer day, I have not yet done. I'm not sure I will.

Day 12 was check off "your type" as a reminder at drunken parties. Not that I go, AND there wasn't a "romantic intellectual" type box to check off. Guess what? I made my own.

I have yet to check what Day 15 is. Something fun, I hope.

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