01 April, 2004


turn and face the strange....

The doctor was of little comfort, but handed me some pills and things to relieve the pressure.

Still sulking about the silly review. In a hundred years, it won't matter. In a hundred days, it won't matter. Wish I could make it not matter now.

BuddahPat will sympathize and distract me- he's taking me out for sushi tonight.

I don't know if I like sushi, but Pat said I probably would. And then he teased me with the promise of miso soup.

I love miso soup!

And then he dangled an offer of seaweed.

I love seaweed!

I have forewarned the children that they may find dinner a trifle odd, but they are to be patient and gracious.

After all, I bought them McDonald's last night.

And any of us would go anywhere with Pat.

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