10 April, 2004


turn and face the strange....

Four glasses of requisite wine with dinner notwithstanding (it's Pesach, dontcha know), I am lucid enough to post.

I saw Richard Ben-Veniste on television last night. Special Prosecutor for Watergate, (assisted by Jill Wine Volner- {now Banks}-where is she now?- who, naturally, doesn't rate a mention) which is why I recognized the name. Something about him just looks trustworthy, and I don't generally get that, one way or another, especially not from television images.

But the legendary Ben-Veniste, still practicing, still prosecuting, still sniffing out evil where it lies.

It seems that most of the intuitive information I've been kicking around, sometimes even out loud, was right all along.

The Twin Towers were collateral damage. This war is about oil.

Really, was there ever any doubt?


Underwear update: Red velveteen bra, irridescent red thong.

It was a dare.

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