26 April, 2004

Short Break

One word can bring you round

I spit in the face of today's gloom. I defiantly eat chunks of mango and fresh cocoanut with my fingers, along with my rapidly cooling tea (I lie, it's no longer tea. I've put more hot water in this cup so often that it is now hot water with a sorry old teabag in it, just for company.)

I'm not sure what all the controversy is, existing as I do in a blur of media white noise, but if anyone's interested, here's a site devoted to g-mail. I was asked by Blogger to try it out, give them feedback, etcetera, but none of you mindless morons, er, sorry, LOVELY PEOPLE will send me anything. Hellloooooo????

Today is just the sort of day when I appreciate a laugh. Fuck, this is funny. LOTR...in bed..

(Just for b., who thinks I'm cute when I say "fuck." At this point, I'll take all the "cute" I can get.)

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