28 April, 2004

Mindless Diversions

I'm dancing barefoot/heading for a spin....Oh, god I fell for you...

I'm not able to be entertaining today- if, indeed I ever am- so I implore you to entertain yourselves.

* How terrified should you be? Check.

*Why did the chicken....? Because you told it to. Cluck, cluck.

* Animorphs have finally gone too far. Look if you dare.

And it's Wednesday, so read CityPaper. Here are the essentials.

Your horoscope.

A newsworthy educational article with a political bent.

And a comic.

Did I mention this guy has a book?

Underwear update: Underwear? Uh, oh.

Shit. Here I am, naked at the computer again.

No wonder everyone in the library is staring at me.

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