23 April, 2004

Strange World

...it's so sad/ when you're young/ to be told/ you're having fun...

---no, I haven't watched the video, afraid I might cry, ---oh, it's so good, ---turned out great, --well, watch when you're ready... blah blah blah.

Showbiz and QuickStudy are doing the GoodOleTheaterBoy thing, including hugs and cheek kisses. It's a strange TheaterFreak world I live in, because they're both straight. QuickStudy touches my earring; it's flipped over and he's fixing it.

"Careful, or I'll grab my comb and force you to yank the tangles out of my hair."

"Oh, I thought about that, more than once, during the show."

But never acted on it; why?

I'm always on the make for victims, er, volunteers, to brush my hair for me. They're invariably gentler than I am to myself, and when someone else does it, it's pleasure, not chore.

Does this make me a comb whore?


My feet invade my consciousness, reminding me that they are only Nearly, instead of Completely, Naked.

I mention they are on the small side. He insists they are perfect. I wear them. The metal and black leather bite a little, as all good bondage sandals should. Groovy! Thongs in three places. In a shop window, I spot a matching bikini. Hmmmm.

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