14 April, 2004

Holy Crap, it's Wednesday

I got dressed today.

I count that as an accomplishment.

Garrett made a slice of toast for me, which I ate.

Another accomplishment.

Of interest (possibly): the book I'm reading, which referenced Ram Dass earlier on, now references Jacob Bronkowski, of Ascent of Man fame. I love it when my favorite authors embrace my other favorite authors.

Ascent of Man....what a legendary work, now available on DVD...

I was failing my freshman physics course, which was mostly occupied by juniors and seniors, so it really wasn't a freshman course at all, evidently. I went to see my professor, and between us, figured out that what with skipping a grade in high school, I had neither the trig nor the calc to back up a physics course, which I'd gotten around in high school physics, because Dr. Sharland (Uncle Pervy to those of us who loved him best) GAVE us the formulae we needed, feeling that math should never impede the impartation of science.

I was unprepared, therefore, for the real world. A year or two later, I fared much better in Genetics, which required only algebra. I eventually took both trig and calc, in college, but in the wrong order, so I ended up with an understanding of neither one.

This hasn't seemed to have much of an effect on my life in general.

My physics professer made a deal with me: he would pass me with a D if I promised to read J. Bronkowski's Ascent of Man. I never forgot that promise, and it has bothered me consistantly since I left college, though I won't say how long ago that was.

I am in the process of making good that promise, annoyed with myself for not starting sooner. It's a great read, and will lead me to Bronkowski's other works, no doubt, especially the ones quoted by Crichton in Travels.

Another book that's leading me to another book is Tom Wolfe's (Mr. Bonfire of the Vanities, if you didn't know) A Man In Full. In it, he quotes from The Stoics, which looks fascinating. I haven't read much philosophy since the requisite college courses, guess I was waiting for something to stir my fancy. This is the second book I've read recently about the impact of a book, the first being Phillip K Dick's The Man In The High Castle, also a great read.

Looking at this post, I'm wondering if I ought to begin a site of book reviews. Any interest? Opinions welcomed here.

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