05 April, 2004

In The Moment

turn and face the strange....

(The sky roiled and churned and fumed and seethed.)

Though fascinating in its multihued bluegrey fury, its texured greyblue glory, I would welcome a sight of the sun.


I am reading something that makes reference to something that I've been making reference to for some time, without being sure of what/who I was referencing, if you follow.

I have said "Be Here Now" a number of times, especially when teaching stilting, because that is the only way to focus on this moment, this lump of dirt, this clump of grass. Because by looking too far ahead, you can mistakenly tread upon a foot that wasn't there a moment ago.

Back to Be Here Now. I have been fairly certain that this was not original, but had no idea who might have said it in the past.

I discover today, to my surprise, it is none other than the famous Richard Alpert, now known as Ram Dass, who, despite a stroke in 1997, is still living, still writing, still teaching.

To accidentally reference a master of this magnitude is humbling, gratifying, amazing.

How did so much hippie culture seep into my brain?

Perhaps along with the second hand THC of my folks and their unwashed patchouli scented pals.

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