06 April, 2004

* Poof *

turn and face the strange....

"Sorry about the dishes," she said.

It's funny: as little as I eat (I'm down to fruit, tea and the occasional plate of lettuce) I have ureasonable amounts of washing up to do. But I'm not complaining.

Along with the dishes, she left spaghetti dinner for the family, a special concoction of black beans and sweet potatos for me, and assorted groceries, including oranges the size of grapefruits, and apples which, by some miracle, are crisp and juicy.

She chides me, criticizes me, tells me how to raise my children. But she also cooks for me, brings me gifts, calls me for no particular reason and loves me in spite of my snarky ways.

Everybody should have a sister as good as mine.


Put the thought out to the Universe, and wait for results.

That Girl, home at last from lovely, lascivious Los Vegas, has come up with a truly beautiful idea for performance/art this year. Some costume construction required.

It's a street show, as the stages are at a high premium, and we're not classical mimes given to classical mimeskits anyhow.

I would be stilted and she'd be on foot, and we've worked Alaina into the concept as well.

Now, who's got a pattern for 12 foot wings?

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