28 April, 2004


packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes....

I'm feeling more than a little despondent about the state of things. Some of my political friends seem dismayed (disgusted?) by my lack of knowledge or interest.

It's simple.

News is a crock, democracy is a lie, war hurts, and if the goddamn humans can't learn to just LOVE EACH OTHER, fuck 'em all.

This being in the vein of the cynical rant about not being able to depend on people a week ago, I wonder if there is some cyclical pattern to my sporadic nastiness.

I usually don't express/expose this angle, since I feel it's pointless and does nothing to expand or empower the human condition. Still, it's kind of a low-level current, the suspicion that everything is really pretty futile, and the only things that matter are the stories we tell ourselves and the way we treat one another while we're waiting to eventually die.

On the other hand, Hawk called last night from the Eastern Shore, to share the beautiful sunset he was watching.

Which reminds me that Love and Beauty exist, and that politics and religion are illusions subscribed to by hordes afraid of direct interaction with the world.

Or am I just being pompous?


Black lace bikini, no bra.

It's a casual day.

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