27 April, 2004

Still Feeling Groovy

give to me sweet sacred bliss/your mouth was made to suck my kiss

It's a lovely day, lovely, clouds piled like an endcap unit marketing fluffy pillows, sans tags.

Favorite quotes of the week:

You are a Nihilist! You DO have a nasty cynical side!"
(b., who thinks I'm Pollyanna. Other than this, I am Pollyanna. But it's a big this. Later, he tells me I'm not a Nihilist, I'm a Poseur. Ouch.)

"When we get the report, which will be soon, roughly..."
(d., who blushed.)

"I just had a brilliant idea! It's not going to help us now, though."
(c., who went on, oblivious.)

"You are the geekiest girl I've ever met."
(t., who is an authority. High praise, then.)

I don't know how this will work, but I suspect linking to this site will not link to this page, if you follow. Experience a tour of the Nixon Library and Birthplace through one blogger's eyes. Go. Go now. Hurry, before he blogs again and you have to scroll down, or gods forbid, visit the archives.

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