08 April, 2004

Nature Wakes

turn and face the strange....

Yesterday, two times I rescued a fuzzy brown and black striped caterpiller from the parking lot near the wheels of my car. It may have even been the same stupid 'pillar, twice.

A tiny wolf spider seems to have made its home somewhere in my dashboard, and crawled across the odometer while I was driving.

A huge fly has taken up residence in my house, to the dismay of the children, who fear it will carry them off- I shit you not, it's the size of a bumblebee.

The overcast sky provided excellent contrast to the vibrant pink of the cherry blossoms on my backyard tree.

Among the mundanities at the grocery, I came across California Rolls. Impulse buy! Charmingly packaged, including both ginger and wasabe, it made a very tasty, festive meal for me...while the younger set scarfed their mundane fishsticks.

Ah, diversity.

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